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"Our Mission Your Success"


Legal Foxes is an E Learning Platform based in Delhi focusing primarily on spreading legal literacy among all people. Our supreme goal is to make legal knowledge awareness reach out to every nook and cranny of the country. We, at Legal Foxes, organize informative webinars and e-workshops on a regular basis wherein Judges, Practicing Advocates and Professors address the students all over the country.


We also organize exciting events and competitions, ranging from online Moot Courts to law quiz, memorial drafting and much more. All of these endeavours are solely organized for the purpose of providing legal literacy to the nation

Online Competitions:

We at Legal Foxes, on a regular basis, host various online competitions which promote the legal knowledge-seeking tendencies and healthy competitive spirit among law students all across the country.


In the year 2020, we have organized the Online National Memorial Writing Competition, Online National Quiz Competitions, Online Judgement Writing Competition and much more. From 21st to 23rd June, 2020, we organized the 1st National Virtual Moot Court Competition, which garnered a participation of 60 teams from all over the country, and a great ensemble of judges, advocates, professors, retired Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court, and other distinguished luminaries from the legal fraternity, all coming together to grace the occasion.

Webinars and Online Workshops:

Legal Foxes is extremely active in the online field of legal education. Through a regular series of greatly interactive and informative webinars and workshops, we have created new horizons of online law learning. Starting from webinars on crucial concepts of law like crimes against women, environmental laws, and victim compensation and witness protection laws and much more, to issues of contemporary concern like practicing law during COVID 19 pandemic, scope of virtual court rooms, nuances of CV building, procedures of doing LLM abroad and acquiring internships have all been organized by us, all of which have gathered a massive and overwhelming response from students all across the country.

Online Portals and Social Media:

We are also vividly present across all online portals and social media handles. Our daily blog updates, Facebook posts, Instagram updates and YouTube videos keep our followers always updated with the latest occurrences in not just the field of law but almost all contemporary events in the socio-political milieu. Our journal – Legal Foxes Law Times bearing ISSN no. 2582-6034 has been a huge success in providing opportunities of publication of legal literature and research work, to students, academicians and other members of the legal family.

We believe, that the collective efforts of everyone on board the Legal Foxes team, will surely achieve the novel objective of securing legal knowledge and literacy among the maximum number of students possible as “our mission is your success”.