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We are a premier full-service law firm, renowned for our commitment to excellence and the seamless provision of legal services to both corporate entities and individuals. Our extensive portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of legal domains, including compliance work, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive legal solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Our firm is distinguished by its ability to combine profound knowledge, extensive experience, and unparalleled expertise to craft outcome-oriented solutions. We take great pride in keeping our clients at the forefront of emerging opportunities and safeguarding them against potential risks.

Our team of accomplished lawyers boasts extensive experience in practicing before the Honorable Supreme Court of India, the Honorable Delhi High Court, the Honorable Punjab and Haryana High Court, National, State, and District Courts, Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal, Delhi, National Company Law Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribunal, Armed Forces Tribunal, Labor Courts, and Tribunals, as well as consumer forums, among others.

At our core, we are a law firm driven by people. We foster collaboration as a cornerstone of our client advisory approach, assembling expert teams to provide tailored solutions for each client's unique needs. Our commitment to delivering legal counsel that aligns with our clients' strategic objectives and business requisites enables us to provide practical and actionable support across our diverse range of practices and sectors.

We build strong, enduring, and lasting relationships with our clients by ensuring that we are always available to meet their needs, thereby demonstrating our steadfast commitment to them at all times. We operate with transparency and consistently deliver effective advice that safeguards our clients' interests, ensuring their peace of mind.


Our team is deeply committed to the legal profession and takes great pride in their work. They consistently strive for improvement by actively sharing their expertise and innovative ideas. Within our Firm, we hold teamwork in the same high regard as individual initiative and contributions. We foster an environment where our teams are encouraged to think creatively and approach challenges with a fresh and relevant perspective.

Ethical and professional responsibility are core principles that guide our actions, both internally within the Firm and in our interactions with our clients.

We maintain an unwavering commitment to safeguarding our clients' interests, employing a constant vigilance to anticipate and address legal or regulatory issues that may impact them. This dedication has been instrumental in establishing and nurturing enduring client relationships. The Firm dedicates significant time and resources to this endeavor, underscoring our commitment to our clients' success and well-being.

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“Legal Foxes is a professional, competent and empathetic legal firm . I strongly recommend
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Pooja Duggal

"The best law firm around ! Great service. Once again thank you for the legal support."
"Recommended . If you want real genuine piece of advice , this is the right place. All the best legal foxes."
"Indeed the best place to seek legal assistance !"
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