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Aviation and Maritime
Issues regarding aviation and maritime are rising these days. We also specialized in Aviation and Maritime services. We have expanded our service in expertise and industry knowledge that controversial and non-contentious matters. We also look at the regulation and operations of aviation and maritime law. By holding the background of high yield in Aviation and Maritime law, we provide a wide range of legal assistance to solve the issues regarding aviation and maritime. These services include;
aircraft purchase contracts, 
ship arrests, 
fleet-wide maintenance contracts, 
marine torts, and 
aircraft financing transactions. 
So, what about other services like accidents? Well, we got your back. We also covered the areas such as all aspects of maritime & aviation disputes, Marine labor disputes and insurance, accidents, and injuries. Is there any need for advocacy concerning dry-docks, ship owners, protection and indemnity clubs, freight forwarders, financiers, port authorities, charterers, and leading international law firms? We can provide you direction on that. In addition, we also help you in the areas of seizure, charter party arrangements, ship financing, cargo claims and regulation, acquisition and lease contracts, port operations and infrastructure, shipbuilding, and arrest. Is there anything you need to know? Get in touch. We will help you. 

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