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Capital Market services-

As an independent provider of a wide range of capital markets services, we provide our clients with the stability and assurance of being listed.We can help you unleash your potential with our unrivaled experience and true global reach. We can service large transactions across multiple jurisdictions through our network of experts.

Our expertise stretches across the whole range of asset classes, whether in public or privately placed bonds or secured loan warehouse facilities including: ABS, aviation, RMBS, covered bonds, CLO transactions, insurance-linked securities, project finance, CMBS, SME loan structures, high yield bonds, alternative finance, corporate bonds and more.We lead in adopting governance and compliance standards and can help you to navigate the complexities of ever-changing regulations, giving you accurate, valuable, actionable information and investor reports.



Our capital markets services include-

Formation and implementation-

The amount of local knowledge required when setting up a new company or subsidiary can be intimidating, especially when moving into a new international market. The complexities, mandatory processes, requirements, and timelines vary considerably from country-to-country and can threaten your plans if they are not navigated appropriately.We can help you with company formation, including all major onshore, mid-shore and offshore jurisdictions. Our experts include experienced company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals who speak the local language, understand the local laws, customs and culture and have developed close relationships with local authorities

Domiciliation and management-


Running a business, no matter how big or small, means you need to be aware of and comply with local regulations, which can vary per country. We want your venture to hit the ground running, and with our expertise we can make sure you’re fully compliant. Work with our team of highly skilled professionals who can provide you with a full range of domiciliation and management services.

Global corporate secretarial- This task can often become complex and burdensome, especially when managing numerous entities via multiple third parties and across several countries where local rules, regulations and processes can vary wildly. We can help you satisfy internal pressures to keep teams lean and focused on the areas they add the most value to and happen to enjoy the most by providing Company secretarial services including company formation, international structuring, registered address, process agent, directorships, and board support services, Transactional services such as name or director changes, Implementing structures and arrangements, Obtaining official corporate documents such as certificates of incorporation and certificates of good standing, Sourcing relevant professional licences and tax registrations, Regulatory and compliance services and compliance with applicable local rules and regulations, through a single point of coordination, across your international entities.

Legal administration-


We can take care of the legal administration of your company at any stage of its life cycle. From setting up the entity, to the day-to-day management and reporting, all the way through to liquidation, we’ll provide the support you need to manage your corporate operations. Whether you’re merging two businesses or simplifying a group structure, we’re your trusted guide to assist you with the challenging processes to ensure effective and timely implementation so that you can focus on your core business.

Escrow and settlement services-


We specialise in arranging tailor-made escrow agreements that are geared to service cross-border transactions, governed by the laws of many key jurisdictions.

Accounting and reporting- This is the most complex and burdensome task, especially when operating internationally where local reporting formats and standards can vary wildly. Our experts can support you in achieving these goals while remaining compliant with all of your regulatory requirements. We are here to help you avoid the consequences of falling foul of complex local rules.

Listing agent-


No matter where your issuers are based, we can act as a listing agent to assist with your initial listing application and your ongoing listing obligations. We work closely with debt issuers and their legal advisers to complete and collate listing documentation for submission.

Trustee services-


The capital markets are becoming increasingly complex to navigate and you need to be able to move quickly when executing new deals. You’ll need a partner whois up to date on all global and local legal and regulatory requirements and is used to operating internationally. We play a crucial role in helping to protect your investors’ interests by monitoring the compliance and governance around the securitisation of the trust.​

Cash management-


We can process the underlying collateral purchases and sales and monitor and reconcile the cash accounts linked to transactions. We can report to your investors on whether purchases and sales of assets comply with the terms of investment and once the overall holdings are reported, we distribute returns to investors with payments run.

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