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Consumer Dispute Resolution Services

At Legalfoxes, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive services for consumer disputes, ensuring that consumers are empowered to protect their rights and interests under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. Our range of services covers various aspects of consumer protection, legal advice, and litigation support.

Our Services Include:

1. Filing Consumer Complaints:

  • We assist consumers in filing complaints under Section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, addressing various consumer grievances and ensuring that their concerns are brought to the forefront.

2. Legal Advice on Consumer Protection:

  • Our expert consumer protection lawyers offer legal advice on matters related to consumer protection, helping clients understand their rights and providing guidance on pursuing legal remedies.

3. Unfair Trade Practice Matters:

  • We provide legal advice on all types of unfair trade practices, assisting consumers in identifying and addressing instances of unfair business practices.

4. Appeals Against Consumer Court Orders:

  • Our services encompass filing appeals against the orders issued by Consumer courts, advocating for consumer rights, and seeking just resolutions.

5. Documentation Services:

  • We offer comprehensive documentation services related to consumer matters. Our legal experts assist in drafting, reviewing, and vetting various documents, ensuring compliance with consumer laws.

6. Litigation Services:

  • Our team of highly qualified and competent consumer protection lawyers handles litigation at all levels. We represent clients before District Consumer Redressal Forums, State Consumer Protection Forums, and the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

7. Handling Unfair Trade Practice Matters:

  • We provide counsel and representation in matters related to unfair trade practices at the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

8. Drafting and Filing Appeals:

  • Our qualified and competent consumer protection lawyers specialize in drafting and filing appeals against Consumer court orders, striving for favorable outcomes.

9. Legal Advice on Consumer Laws:

  • We offer comprehensive legal advice on all issues pertaining to consumer laws in India, ensuring that clients are well-informed and equipped to navigate the legal landscape.

10. Consumer Law Documentation:

  • Our services encompass drafting various consumer law-related documents, including terms and conditions of use, disclaimers, disclosures, and more.

11. Online Legal Services:

  • We provide online legal advice and services for all contingent consumer law matters. Clients can access online lawyer chat, legal forms, and documentation related to consumer law.

At Legalfoxes, we are committed to safeguarding consumer rights and providing effective legal solutions for consumer disputes. Our experienced team of consumer protection lawyers is dedicated to upholding consumer interests and ensuring justice in consumer-related matters.

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