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Debt Recovery Services

Debt collection can be a daunting and time-consuming process that can impede organizations from achieving their critical business objectives. To address this challenge, we go the extra mile to provide comprehensive solutions for debt recovery and enhancing cash flow for businesses.

We take pride in being one of India's pioneering and exclusive online attorney-based Debt Recovery Specialists, offering a ONE STOP SHOP for the complete cycle of debt recovery management. Our services cover every stage of the recovery and collection process, ranging from amicable settlement to litigation. We provide debt recovery and collection solutions to Indian and foreign companies alike, dealing with delinquent accounts both in India and across the globe, regardless of the debtor's location.

Our Organization:

Our organization was founded by a team of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Attorneys. We maintain a PAN India presence, covering nearly all major cities in India. Our team comprises highly accomplished law attorneys and accountants who deliver swift, focused, and viable solutions to our clients, achieving a high success rate while maintaining strong and amicable relationships with their debtors.

Our Approach:

Each client's case is handled by a dedicated team of Attorneys and accountants, from start to finish, utilizing creative, practical, and business-oriented approaches to handle delinquent accounts with the highest quality of professional services. We do not delay in recommending legal action when necessary, with the client's prior concurrence and approval. Our objective is to assist our clients in increasing their overall recovery rate while concurrently reducing their collection costs. Our collection platform offers customized strategies that enable creditors to efficiently enhance their Non-Performing Assets (NPA), expand their geographic reach, and enhance customer experiences.

Our End-to-End Debt Collection Services Include:

1. Customer Tracking and Data Validation Services:

  • Often, businesses struggle to locate customers or debtors with inaccurate or outdated contact information. Our debt management system leverages analytics-driven data to provide an online debtor profile, allowing you to track them down. The debtor's profile typically includes crucial debt collection information, such as multiple contact data points and credit-based scoring. This approach enhances the effectiveness of your debt collection process, enabling you to locate and contact elusive debtors, ultimately increasing your recovery rate while minimizing costs.

2. Early and Late-Stage Debt Collections:

  • Acting on behalf of your business, we reach out to debtors who have defaulted on payments or are at risk of doing so based on their credit information. We offer them debt restructuring options to facilitate repayment. We recognize the importance of an effective collections strategy for your business and allocate our resources accordingly. Our process prioritizes debtors with larger outstanding debts and employs analytics to assess their likelihood of repaying.

3. Debt Dispute Management Services:

  • Inaccurate debt profiles are a common challenge for businesses. Our data validation services prevent such inaccuracies. Furthermore, our call center agents undergo expert training in dispute management to ensure the best possible outcomes for your business.

4. Debt Collection Call Center Services:

  • Our call center agents are extensively trained in debt collection procedures and maintain professionalism even in challenging situations. Debt collection calls can be challenging, but our agents represent your brand effectively throughout the process. We provide prompt access to call logs, and our agents ensure that your brand's reputation remains intact.

5. Debt Portfolio Management:

  • Our debt collection services leverage available information to automate critical decision-making tasks and offer recommendations for adjusting cut-off points and implementing new policies based on existing data. We assist you in identifying high-risk accounts in advance by analyzing bankruptcy, deceased, and other relevant data. This helps reduce legal risk and optimize your resources for targeting other debtors efficiently.

At Legalfoxes, our Debt Recovery Services are tailored to help businesses overcome the complexities of debt collection and enhance financial stability.

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