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Our services cover the entire gamut of legal needs in the e-commerce and retail ecosystems. We provide end-to-end solutions to clients - from backend contracts (with vendors and suppliers) to front end e-contracts (with customers). Also, drafting and negotiation of various commercial contracts including, listing contracts, terms of use, vendor contracts, contra-cogs agreements, distributorship agreements, brand license arrangements, promotion and sponsorship agreements etc.

Our services and assistance includes:

•    mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, 
•    Tax (both direct and indirect)
•    Intellectual Property 
•    Competition and Dispute Resolution 
•    foreign exchange and related exchange control issues,
•    establishment of wholesale distribution centres
•    Formulation of business models for e-commerce companies
•    Franchisee, supply and distribution arrangements
•    Legal metrology, labelling and packaging 
•    digital content and censorship
•    Structured promotions
•    loyalty and privilege programs
•    Intermediary liability 
•    online payment processing (for onshore & offshore sellers)
•    KYC-related issues, 
•    e-contracts,
•    data privacy
•    cross-border movement of data
•    joint ventures 
•    wholly owned subsidiaries,
•    obtaining required regulatory approvals
•    ensuring compliance

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