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Energy and Infrastructure Services


At Legalfoxes, our mission is to lead the charge in this era of disruptive technological change, spearheading the essential energy transition. We offer a diverse and expanding range of energy and infrastructure projects and services, which are instrumental in shaping a low-carbon future.

We proudly stand as one of India's foremost renewable energy companies, equipped to provide services nationwide for the development, construction, and operation of projects that contribute to our vision of a sustainable, low-carbon future. Our unwavering commitment is to transform India's current energy landscape by delivering cleaner and more intelligent energy choices, thus reducing the nation's carbon footprint. We specialize in developing, implementing, and operating large-scale renewable energy projects, propelled by our philosophy of advancing social, economic, and ecological sustainability for our planet. Our endeavors are truly powering a greener tomorrow, today!

Every member of our organization is dedicated to ensuring that we deliver best-in-class renewable energy solutions and set new standards in our industry for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Established by professionals with extensive experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors, we are particularly dedicated to:

  • Sustainable development

  • Energy efficiency

  • Clean energy

  • Mitigating climate change.

Our team possesses invaluable experience and insights across the entire energy infrastructure value chain, including policy formulation and analysis, commercial diligence, corporate strategy, regulatory framework design, financial structures, and more. Consequently, we have a robust institutional memory of successful initiatives, which we leverage to provide consulting support to our clients in the energy sector.


As a leading provider of specialized services in the global industrial, commercial, and infrastructure markets, we offer a wide range of solutions, including access and scaffolding systems, forming and shoring, industrial services, and more, to clients worldwide. The digital revolution is fundamentally altering the way businesses operate and thrive. In this digital era, companies are compelled to modernize their infrastructure to stay ahead of the curve. Modern business demands more from IT infrastructure, and we are equipped to future-proof your core applications and infrastructure, offering cutting-edge IT solutions for the post-pandemic world. Our holistic and integrated approach to core modernization propels technological evolution to the next level, allowing you to reimagine your IT infrastructure.

Our end-to-end infrastructure services offer the expertise, talent, and tools necessary to create, manage, and run next-generation IT architecture. We collaborate closely with our clients to achieve excellence in IT services, optimize investment efficiency, and deploy technology that facilitates business transformation.

Our services encompass:

1. Data Center Managed Services:

  • Our Data Center Services ensure high availability and reliability, providing severity-based SLA support and onsite/remote assistance for servers, networks, applications, security, mail & messaging, and storage & backup. Our unique automated approach ensures quick and error-free resolutions, delivering flawless performance while controlling costs.

2. Digital Kiosk Solutions:

  • Our Digital Kiosk Solutions cater to the increasing demand for enhanced customer experiences in transportation, banking, and utility service sectors. These solutions offer extended collection & deposit hours, reach, and cost-effective operation. We provide Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines, Cheque Image-based Kiosks, Bill Payment Kiosks, Banking Kiosks, Passbook Printing, Account Statement Printing, and Bio metric Capture.

3. Staff Augmentation Services:

  • Our staff augmentation services help you swiftly expand your team to meet organizational and business objectives. We offer dedicated teams and domain-specific recruiting, supported by our robust talent acquisition and recruiting engine.

4. Network Solutions:

  • We specialize in deploying next-gen Enterprise networks using diverse technologies, including Campus Fabric, Data Center Fabric, Wireless LAN and BYOD, Intelligent WAN and SD-WAN Solutions, Application Delivery Controllers, Network Analytics, and more.

5. Risk and Security Management:

  • Robust security solutions are vital in today's business landscape to combat cyber threats. We mitigate security risks through regular evaluations and implement safety plans and executive protection measures to ensure the security of your business.

At Legalfoxes, our Energy and Infrastructure Services are designed to empower your journey towards a sustainable, efficient, and secure future.

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