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Environment, Health and safety services
The issues regarding the environment, health, and safety are increasing hastily. So we thought to expand our service to help you from problems concerning the environment, safety, and health. By taking into account, risks such as ineffective safety management, unsafe work environments, environmental contaminant exposure, and indoor air quality, the environment, health, and safety are hazardous presently. We likewise acknowledged these risks factors and progressed our services in these areas.  What will you get from us? Let’s check out. 
Environment service 
If our surroundings don’t have a safe atmosphere, your life will fill with diseases, not happiness. So, it is needed to protect our environment with all the safeguards we could provide. For this, we provide solutions such as;
For water: sampling and interpretation of various water classes. 
For Climate change:  From micro-pollutants to greenhouse gas emissions, we co-operations to optimize your business link with the environment. 
For Air: Explicit ambient and indoor air sampling and measurement
For Waste: Diminishing, evaluating, observing, measuring, and maintaining your waste products
For Soil: environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling, and geotechnical assistance, along with a lot of soil and sediment analysis solution

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