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Responding promptly and effectively to allegations or suspicions of fraud, misconduct, or other improprieties, such as violations of laws, regulations, or organizational policies, is of paramount importance. Organizations often lack the in-house expertise and resources with the right skills to conduct thorough, cost-efficient, and unbiased investigations. Given that fraud and misconduct drain billions of dollars annually from organizations worldwide, tarnish reputations, and undermine public trust in the marketplace, boards and management at all levels are compelled to swiftly get to the heart of the matter.

Our dedicated Investigation Services team collaborates closely with our esteemed clients to comprehend the objectives of each investigation and formulate a coordinated approach that harnesses the most appropriate resources. Through meticulous inquiries and examinations, including the application of cutting-edge data analytics, our highly qualified professionals provide an impartial means to establish facts, assess implications, determine necessary remedial actions, initiate restatements if required, and engage in constructive dialogue with regulatory bodies. Our investigative and inspection prowess revolves around our core service offerings, including:

Background Investigations: Comprehensive checks into individuals or entities, ensuring informed decisions.

Food Safety and Defense Investigations: Safeguarding the integrity of food supply chains through meticulous inquiries.

  • Facility Security Investigations: Assessing and enhancing security measures to protect critical assets.

  • Business Intelligence and Due Diligence Investigations: In-depth analysis to inform business decisions and mitigate risks.

  • Corporate Investigations: Uncovering corporate wrongdoing, compliance breaches, or internal irregularities.

  • Pre-employment Screenings: Ensuring the suitability of candidates for key positions.

  • Fraud and Financial Investigations: Unearthing financial irregularities and fraudulent activities.

  • Sexual Harassment and Equal Employment Investigations: Addressing workplace misconduct and ensuring equal opportunity.

  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations: Validating workers' compensation claims and preventing fraud.

  • Bankruptcy Audits: Ensuring the accuracy and integrity of bankruptcy-related financial records.

  • Worksite Enforcement Compliance Audits: Verifying compliance with worksite regulations and immigration laws.

  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Inspections and Audits: Identifying and mitigating instances of fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Housing Inspections and Condition Assessments: Evaluating the condition of housing properties for compliance and safety.

  • Quality Assurance Inspections and Investigations: Ensuring the quality and integrity of products and services.

  • Field-based Verification and Collection Services: Gathering on-site information and data collection for informed decision-making.


At Legalfoxes, our Investigation Services team is committed to helping you uncover the truth, protect your interests, and ensure compliance with the highest ethical standards. We are your trusted partner in navigating the complex landscape of investigations and inspections.

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