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Media and entertainment
Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry comprises of various segments, the vast segments include television, films etc. whereas the minuscule segments consist of internet, radio, print, electronic, advertising. With the upcoming trends, use of internet and smart phones is consistently growing and various legal issues concerning defamation, data protection, etc need redressal. There are various acts that have been enacted in India that apply to Entertainment and Media industries and provide legal security for the same. To name a few, The Copyright Act, 1957; The Trade Marks Act, 1999; Cable Television Network (Regulation) Act, 1994, etc. These acts help secure the rights of people concerned with respect to E&M industries and may be referred to when dealing with any situation that requires legal assistance. Our services in this area focus on- • Motion Pictures and Television: Advising and negotiating for the development of content including acquisition of pre-existing copyright works, like books, films, plays, etc. format adaptations, format licensing. The team regularly acts as commercial-legal production counsels for advising, structuring and negotiating deals across various production and distribution models, for syndication and licensing of content for domestic and international film distribution across platforms (traditional and new media) in established and emerging markets. • Talent and celebrity management and brand endorsements: Acting in a commercial-legal role on behalf of some of India’s leading acting talent for their brand endorsements, and as hosts and participants in films, television reality shows. • Music and music celebrity management: Advising and negotiating, licensing and distribution of music content, including of films, through various physical media and digital platforms; advising on engagement of international music artists for their live performances and other professional engagements in India. • Internet and digital media: Advising and negotiating for the production of original content commissioned in India by global video service platforms, licensing and distribution of content through digital platforms. • Publishing: Advising and negotiating on behalf of authors for book publishing. • IP Rights management for monetization of IP. • Due diligence: Advising on script and content clearances including conducting due diligences for ascertaining IP ownerships and issues. • Mergers and Acquisitions: Advising advertising companies on the sale of their businesses to a global multinational. We have advised the acquirer on recent acquisitions of well-known advertising agencies and public relations companies

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