Today is the era of allegations. Everybody is putting allegations on each other. Such as government is putting allegations on opposition and opposition is putting allegations against government. Pakistan is putting allegations against us. America is putting allegations against China on COVID 19. Someone is also putting allegations on us. In today’s world, it the harsh reality that everybody is putting allegations against each other.

But today I want to focus on how’s the life with false allegations. Allegations ruins an individual life’s, his whole career, relationships with friend relatives and society. False accusations are incidents where someone is accused, charged, or convicted of a crime based on pretences. While false accusations can come in multiple forms, they most often stem from sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, these accusations can ruin lives and reputations, something that can be seen through these testimonies. There is an old proverb “Think before you speak as you can’t get back what you have said. Allegations are also of same way. Society, Media and Public give their decision and makes a person guilty before our judiciary proves it.

In India, women have a fundamental right to live with dignity but sometimes women misuse their fundamental right. Some of the rights are Protection of Identity under section 228 A of IPC. In many cases of men’s, the so called intellectuals, Media and other people disclose their identity. But women’s identity is never disclosed. Who gave the right to our so called intellectuals, media and other people to disclose someone’s identity? If a woman is proven unguilty, then afterwards she can get her life back in the same way like it was earlier. But it is not called in the case of men because our media and our so called intellectuals show the men as the culprit and people and society accepts it. They are seen as they are guilty. Another right is Right to Privacy under Section 161 of CPC. Under this right, the women have to give or record her statement in front of a magistrate officer or there is a police officer and a female constable so that no fourth person can hear and knew the statement. But in case of male, it is to be given in front of everybody and sometimes, they are also been harassed to accept the allegations. It is no one right to disclose and defame someone’s identity. There are many fundamental rules as such.

Society needs to think about putting allegations against any individual before the court decides who is guilty and who is not guilty. Media, public, society and our so called intellectuals show persons as they are culprits. Social Media influencer, intellectuals and many people who posts about these on social media and they make the persons as a culprit and give their decision before the final decision comes from the court. Due to so much misleading posts, the social life of that person and his/her family gets ruined. In many cases, because of these false allegations, his/her career gets vanished. The person loses all the relationships with everyone, the person loses his jobs and in some cases he/she loses his life’s also because of the mental pressure made by the society. The person starts getting mentally harassed, mentality depressed and mental pressure. Society starts seeing that person as a culprit. Be it in work place or any educational institution or in front of their relatives or in his/her neighbourhood or in front of his/her friends or anywhere. Even if he is proven not guilty in the court, then also he/she is seen as he is still guilty by the society. Media, society and the intellectuals show them as they are guilty at the point when the incident happens and people starts thinking that he is only guilty. He/she loses all the respect which he/she has in front of the society. After he is prover not guilty, then nobody apologies for putting false allegations. False allegations destroy one person entire life of a person.

There are some famous cases of false allegations like some days ago, some boy’s group (boys locker room) came into controversy in which some boys were talking about some rape which never happened. A girl created a fake profile in the name of a boy “Siddharth” and entered into a group. The girl wanted to check the character of male friend. The screenshot of the group and chat got leaked and viral across the globe in minutes. People, social media influencers, media, our intellectuals and many more people started posting about it, giving their judgements on the boy’s behaviour before the investigation occurred. Many VIP and VVIP’s also gave their statements. There were many videos on social media for those boys. In those screenshots, there were some boys who were in the group but they were not an active member. Those boys too lost all their respect in front of the society. People including our so called intellectuals and media made many posts and shared many stories so that despite of being proven not guilty after investigation, they have lost everything. After the investigation, Police gave a clean chit to the girl as girl was proven guilty but as she was under 18, so the police and said that it was a childish act. But due to this incident who despite of being proved unguilty, they have lost not only their career, but their personal life also got ruined. None of the media or any of the so called intellectuals or and social media influencers came out to apology that they blamed or defamed those boys. Those boys lost their everything. Still people and society see them in wrong way like they are still culprit. And no one has shown or talked about the girl in the way how it was portrayed when boys were being blamed. Some of our intellectuals said that it those boys can do rapes in future too but the girls act was also not good. Why only boys?

Another case is of Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh. This case was also in controversy as this case was filled in 2015 against Sarvjeet Singh. Jasleen had accused Sarvjeet of harassment and molestation in 2015 at Tilak Nagar traffic signal in New Delhi. He was alleged as an “eve-teaser” and a “pervert” by Jasleen Kaur. Jasleen posted his photo on her Facebook account. Nobody gave her right to upload his picture but she did. Many popular Indian Websites, news channels, news papers and all other news outlets, Social media came in favour of Jasleen and wrote and published the photo of Sarvjeet without even blurring or hiding his face. Girls have the right according to which their face should be hidden but boys don’t have any such right. There was no evidence to support the claim. No video and certainly the photo didn’t show the man in a mood which could have substantiated the girl’s claim. He was publicly shamed in front of millions of people. Chief Minister of Delhi and actress Sonakshi Sinha praised and lauded women’s bravery. Sarvjeet was arrested within a week by Police. An eyewitness named Vishwajeet Singh came up in support of Saravjeet and said that Jasleen was the one who first started to abuse and misbehaved with Saravjeet verbally. Almost all media channels had jumped in instantly to paint Sarvjeet as a pervert and a criminal without being proved. Law says that no one is a criminal until proven guilty. Jasleen became a celebrity at that time and Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi had announced a reward of Rs 5000 for her bravery. The entire life of Saravjeet was ruined. Be it personal or professional. He had lost many job opportunities because his face has become ‘famous’ as -that of a harasser. Saravjeet was given clean chit by the court after 4 years but despite of being proven unguilty, his life couldn’t get back as it was before. His life his career everything went into hell. It is easy to say that everything will be normal but its nothing like that. People who have faced this situation know very well that nothing gets back normal. Delhi Chief Minister, Sonakshi Sinha and some media personals and groups have apologised but his career went into hell by that false allegations.

Another incident which I want to discuss is of two sisters from Rohtak. This was the video which went viral in November 2014. The men accused of allegedly harassing two sisters Pooja and Arti. According to girls, one boy grabbed Aarti's neck, which instigated her sister, Pooja, who assaulted the men using her belt. One girl threw a brick at boy’s head. the girls' parents reported the case to the Rohtak Sadar Police Station. They were charged under section 354 of IPC and section 232 of IPC. But there were no eye witness to report or to support the girls. These girls went viral and they the Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar announced a cash prize of 31,000 on the occasion of Republic Day of 2015 for the act of bravery. Some passengers of the bus came forward to testify in front of the police about the bus incident. They claimed that the whole quarrel was about the old woman's seat being occupied by the girls, rather than teasing. After that, the girls voluntarily requested for a Polygraph and Psychological Assessment Test (PAT) to prove they were true. However, the results came out in against of girls. The boys were proven unguilty but their life went into hell. Those two boys wanted to go in Indian Army. They have successfully passed the physical test but they were not permitted to write the written exam. Many people wish is to join army but not everyone is able to. These two boys were very close to get selected in Indian Army but due to these false allegations, not they could not. Their life and career went in dark.

Our media, Public, Society and our so called intellectuals don’t come forward to apology for those blames which they have putted on those people. Where are those people. And despite of that even if those people are proven unguilty, society still sees them as guilty. In India, many people commit suicide due to false allegations. One of the recent examples is of a boy of Gurugram School named Manav. There are many more cases like that.

False accusations and defamation can be highly detrimental for the victim and his/her family. The person’s life, career, reputation and everything gets over. Even if he is proven guilty, then also society sees him as culprit.

There should be stricter laws and thorough investigation of any complaints registered for a crime, without being gender biased, before blaming and arresting the accused but the question is who is the real culprit to ruin a life of a normal person – Society, Our Intellectuals, Media or the person who first blamed the another person?

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