Impact of Frontline COVID-19 Heroes on the future career perspective amongst youth - By Anand

"Frontline warrior are the real heroes;

they just have shown their heroic skills to the world".

Respect is everything! Our real heroes of COVID- 19 have shown the world the extreme faithfulness towards the country. In this combatant situation people have shown faith, regard, and admiration towards them for serving the nation with full dignity and courage to fight.

The sense of emotion that they have generated by their actions is commendable. We have seen various example like doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and police they all are working 24 hours to serve the nation, even 84% of nurses are living in hospitals and care-centers from 1 month by leaving their family in this pandemic situation and for them, this situation is something like war and they have to win this war!! For instance, we have seen the videos of nurses, doctors, and police that after serving their duty for a month and when they arrived in there society people have welcomed them with flowers and applauds that shows people's faith in them and they are honoring them with respect, that they have performed their duty for the betterment of the society.

"Heroes are not special their work makes them special" they are the people who live around us. Everyone wants to achieve something in their life, that is respect, fame, and livelihood. In this pandemic situation our lifeguards were these heroes who have given their best and countrymen are saluting them for the courage warrior. COVID-19 has changed so many things but not the inner soul of a man. By seeing these young energetic heroes of COVID-19 every one will think that I should also serve the nation in the same way.
They have motivated the youth to follow the path of a warrior, who will never stop from performing his duty. On the forefront, it will now encourage the youth more towards becoming caregivers, doctors, nurses, who have shown their rising importance like our very own Mother Teresa, so as to impeccably heal the wounds of the society. Their contribution will surely lead ao change in the thinking of the people towards lower class income group, as our workers, sweepers, cleaners who have not been provided with equipment's to protect themselves but then also they are working for the amelioration of the society. Although, they are not so educated, but learnt enough so as to be ready to serve the nation by keeping their lives in danger and performing their task in the worst situation. That is the fearlessness and audacity of the people who are thinking so much for the nation's federation. Since they have indulged their life in society, it is the society also which has to accept their contribution and respect them for the same with utmost dignity and faith!

Fact being, they are the real heroes who are working with respect, integrity, honesty, and bravery to serve the nation as a soldier. Contribution of our heroes will never be bereaved from our minds and our youth will perceive them as ideals so as to be always ready to serve the nation, whenever the nation requires young blood for the help. With this regards, the youth should mold themselves as productive individuals, vigilant about their roles towards their motherland.

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