Legal Foxes is an E Learning Platform based in Delhi focusing primarily on spreading legal literacy among all people. Our supreme goal is to make legal knowledge awareness reach out to every nook and cranny of the country. We, at Legal Foxes, organize informative webinars and e-workshops on a regular basis wherein Judges, Practicing Advocates and Professors address the students all over the country. We also organize exciting events and competitions, ranging from online Moot Courts to law quiz, memorial drafting and much more. All of these endeavours are solely organized for the purpose of providing legal literacy to the nation.

Perks for our Campus Ambassadors

1. Certificate of Appreciation: CA will Receive a Certificate from us, which will strengthen their CVs.

2. Earn money: If you bring business for us, you get 10-20% of the revenue generated by them.

3. Letter of Recommendation: LoRs will be Provided to the outstanding CAs which will help them to boost their chances for scholarships and better job opportunities.

4. Event Based cash rewards for Campus Ambassadors of the Event for top Ambassadors

5. Free Participation In Event organised.

6. Free Publication in LEGALFOXES LAW TIMES


8. Recognition

9. Connect with fellow campus ambassadors throughout India! (All of us will be connected via a Whatsapp/Slack group).

10 Develop your communication skills!

11 Develop your leadership skills!

12.Contribute towards making your community (law students) stronger!

Number of Vacancies

1 Ambassador From every College fro, India


Work from home

Who can be a campus Ambassador ? What are the qualifications?

1. You should be a law student (LL.B, LLM) in any law college in India.

2. You should be a proactive person willing to work hard and take initiative. This is a serious commitment (because we’ve been law students ourselves and know how busy you really are!)

3. You must have regular access to the internet both in college and at your home.

4. You must be willing to do marketing-related tasks.

Tasks for our CAs

Major tasks of our ambassadors will entail the following:

  1. Meet targets allocated to you by the firm .

  2. Digital Marketing: Circulate our ads, posters and videos through email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and Tag us everywhere.

  3. Anchor communication between Legalfoxes and Societies of colleges/universities.

  4. Make people Register for Legalfoxes events and Programs

  5. Write for us! Get a chance to be published on Legalfoxes.

  6. Help us connect to various people in your college.

  7. Interview the star students and faculty in your college, and lawyers in and around your area.

Registration form

For Queries contact

Devshree Dua - 9650323344

Official -9350096894


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