Have you ever witnessed a social wrong or some hindrance that has been affecting not just you, but a majority of the public?

For instance, there is a lake in your neighbourhood which is being polluted by passerby and garbage trucks, leaving a foul smell all around or anything which is disturbing your peace or your surroundings.

This is something that needs to be undone, and the viable option is to get an official court order to get things in line.

We at Legal Foxes Advocates and Consultants are here to address those very queries and take them to the court of justice with the motive to serve the society.

If you feel that there is an issue that needs to be corrected, and the existing system is not doing much to alter the situation, there needs to be given a legal push, so as to get things working.

We work to keep our society happy, and feeling satisfied with their surroundings. In this very regard, we will be filing your problems as Complaint to concerned authorities or police officers, PILs and Writ petitions in Hon'ble supreme Court of India, Concerned High Courts, Concerned Tribunals or various District Courts and as social cause matters Pro Bono, which means your case shall be filed in Courts without any charge.

In case you are facing any issue, or have witnessed some problems around you that needs to be rectified, contact us in the following -

Mobile No - 7011524783


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