Our country popularly has different names such as India, Bharat, Bharat Ganarajya, Aryavart, Hindustan, Republic of India etc. A petition was filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to change the name of the country. The petition was rejected by the apex court and a direction was given to treat the petition as a representation.

The bench was headed by the Chief Justice of India Justice S.A. Bobde. He also observed that it is very lucidly given in Article 1 of our Indian Constitution that “ India is referred to as Bharat”. It was mentioned by the Bench that India is considered as Bharat. So, the changes are not needed.

The plea said that the name 'India' is derived from a Greek word 'Indica'. It doesn’t show the immense unity of our nation. The term ‘Bharat’ shows the efforts of our great Indian freedom fighters in making our country getting independence. It also shows that how they fought for our nation. ‘Stop using India’, was also mentioned in the plea. It doesn’t show our dedication towards our country as the name 'India' reminds us all about our colonial past and the term ‘Bharat’ will instill a sense of pride in our own nationality. The petitioner also said that our country has different names such as India, Republic of India, Bharat, Bharat Ganarajya etc and he also said that there should be only one name for our country.

There are different names used on the documents. On Aadhar Cards 'Bharat Sarkar’ is mentioned, on driving license 'Union of India' whereas on passports 'Republic of India' is mentioned. These all names create a huge confusion. Mentioning different names only create confusion. The sense of unity is also not shown. So, it is very important for us to call our country by one name only. This is the time to show unity. The petitioner also added that the name for our country should be uniform. There should be a concept of One Voice, One Nation, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi says. However the Court held that as Article 1 already mentions both India and Bharat hence no such change is necessary. Further the Court stated that this plea could be presented in the form of a representation to the Government of India but not to the Supreme Court.

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