Removal of Chinese Apps and Minimization of Use of Chinese Products -By: Palak Tripathi

It is well known to everyone that the tension between China and India has increased due to the spread of COVID-19. As faster this virus is spreading so are the grudges too. The tension between two countries has become directly proportional to the increasing death toll due to Corona virus. It has really caused a lot of destruction worldwide. As a result the anger among the citizens of the nation is arising day by day. It is decided by everyone to boycott the apps of China.

Seeing all these tensions between China and India, a Jaipur based startup in India has launched an app named 'Remove China App'. This app is developed by 'One Touch App Labs'. This app detects the Chinese application in a user's phone and it also provides a UI to remove them from the phone. It has been released on May 17 and it’s release has grabbed a lot of attention and a massive support too. This application has crossed a total of two million followers. It is the only application which is the top free application on Google Play Store. It is available for free. As early as in November 2017, the Indian Defense Ministry picked out 42 Chinese mobile apps as dangerous, including Weibo, WeChat, SHAREit, TrueCaller, UC Browser and Mi Store, seeing them as a threat to national security.

An engineer who has turned into an education reformer named Sonam Wangchuk, has also posted on Twitter encouraging the citizens to boycott this app. In a message he also said that , “Cheen ko jawab sena degi bullet se aur nagarik degi wallet se”, it means our Indian army will answer China by their bullets whereas the citizens of our country will do the same by using their wallets. An aggression is burning in the heart of every single citizen of our country. He also said that whatever is happening on the border in between India and China is a result of Chinese virus ' COVID-19'. It is purely a result of dissatisfaction. He encouraged everyone to drop every Chinese application such as 'Tik- Tok' which is a video sharing application. Getting so much inspired by him many celebrities and common people dropped this application and reported for the same.

It is announced by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that we should not use Chinese products. The use of those products should be minimized. For the very same purpose, he announced a concept of being 'AATMA NIRBHAR'. It is a concept of being self- dependent. This concept has focused a lot upon the use of local products rather than that of the foreign ones. He also said that during this period of crisis it is very crucial for us to know our dependency upon China. It should be well known to everyone that we import 16 percent of the products from China. A total of 75 percent ingredients are taken from China for making medicines as well as 80 percent of medical equipment. This is our dependency upon China. We have to minimize it and for it we have to prepare ourselves at an extreme level. Our Prime Minister talked about the concept of being self-reliant and he also told the nation that there is a huge difference between self-reliant and self- centered. He said that we Indians are full of the colors of culture. We spread happiness using it. It is our culture to not consider many but many as one. It is one of the major factors of the progress of our country. He also said that the whole world believes it that India has to contribute a lot towards the humanity.

History bears testimony to our Swadeshi Movement where Gandhiji called for a boycott on foreign goods to make our economy stronger and boost our industries as well as inculcate a feeling of self-sufficiency. It is a similar call by our Hon'ble PM and according to him we, the citizens of our nation are capable of it and it is a matter of immense pride.

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