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Private equity involves fast-moving, highly complex transactions involving numerous counter-parties, such as debt financing sources, other equity investors, management, and the private equity firm’s own constituents. We organise, articulate, and harmonize multiple parallel work streams, communicate among widely disparate transaction participants (principals, legal specialists, lenders, accountants, investment bankers, and transaction counter-parties), and keep all of those pieces on track and coordinated for closing. We regularly represent private equity sponsors (including buyout funds, growth equity funds, venture capital funds and hedge funds) and the companies partnering with those sponsors in connection with buyouts, "going private" transactions, carve-out acquisitions, add-on acquisitions, divestitures, recapitalisations, grwth equity/structured minority equity financings, debt financings, joint ventures and other strategic transactions.

These transactions can require a working familiarity with corporate law, partnership law, tax, benefits and employment law, environmental, intellectual property and real estate issues in a transactional context, executive compensation and incentive issues, securities law, and complex debt financing issues. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of India’s regulatory landscape and an understanding of Indian promoters and behaviour of counter-parties. We provide a holistic solution to the legal services needs of our private equity sponsor clients investing in the technology industry without compromise and with maximum value.

We provide a range of services to private equity funds - 

•    Evaluation of the investment under consideration
•    Funds formation 
•    patent and trademark prosecution
•    commercial litigation
•    assist their portfolio companies with “bolt-on” acquisitions, 
•    capital raising transactions, 
•    leveraged recapitalisations (often to fund dividend payments)
•    dispositions of the portfolio companies.
•    representing investment groups in acquisition transactions funded by debt, which are known as “leveraged buyouts.”
•    control acquisitions of public and private companies
•    existing debt refinancing 
•    add-on acquisitions and
•    dispositions of previously acquired companies or investments.
•    Advising on primary and secondary investments
•    Advice on enforcing contractual rights in contentious settlements.
•    Acquisition proposals
•    Negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements 
•    Financing documents
•    tax 
•    audit 
•    compliance and regulations

Our team supports clients through all stages of a deal, including:

•    Initial fundraising, formation and building the private equity investment fund
•    Investment decisions
•    Structuring and presenting bids
•    drafting of documents
•    due diligence
•    structuring
•    going through numerous documents to close a transaction
•    memorandum
•    subscription agreements.
•    Day-to-day management of portfolio companies 
•    restructurings
•    management incentive schemes
•    Exit from investments

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