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Startup Starter Legal and Accounting Services Package

At Legalfoxes, we understand the unique challenges that startups face on their journey to success. To empower entrepreneurs and emerging businesses, we have designed the Startup Starter Legal and Accounting Services Package. This comprehensive package combines legal expertise and financial acumen to provide startups with the essential tools and support they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Legal Services:

  1. Business Entity Formation:

    • Consultation on selecting the right legal structure (Company, Partnership, etc.).

    • Preparation and filing of all necessary documents for entity formation.

    • Tax identification number application assistance.

  2. Contract Review and Drafting:

    • Review and negotiation of contracts, including Founder's Agreement, vendor agreements, partnerships, and client contracts.

    • Drafting of customized contracts to protect your business interests.

  3. Intellectual Property Protection:

    • Assessment of intellectual property assets (trademarks, copyrights, patents).

    • Filing and protection of trademarks and copyrights.

    • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to safeguard your ideas and innovations.

  4. Regulatory Compliance:

    • Guidance on industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.

    • Assistance with licenses, permits, and regulatory filings.

  5. Employment and HR Support:

    • Employment agreement templates.

    • HR policy development and compliance advice.


Accounting and Financial Services:

  1. Financial Planning:

    • Budgeting and financial forecasting to help you plan for growth.

    • Cash flow analysis and management.

  2. Bookkeeping and Accounting:

    • Regular bookkeeping services to maintain accurate financial records.

    • Monthly financial statement preparation.

    • Expense tracking and management.

  3. Tax Planning and Compliance:

    • Tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities.

    • Preparation and filing of federal and state tax returns.

    • Compliance with tax regulations.

  4. Financial Reporting:

    • Detailed financial reports to assess the financial health of your startup.

    • Customized financial analysis to inform strategic decisions.

  5. Investor Readiness:

    • Assistance in preparing financial documents for potential investors.

    • Due diligence support for fundraising efforts.


Benefits of Our Package:

  • Cost-effective bundled services tailored to startup needs.

  • Access to experienced legal and financial professionals.

  • Peace of mind knowing your legal and financial matters are in expert hands.

  • Focus on growing your business while we handle the administrative burden.

  • Proactive guidance to avoid legal and financial pitfalls.


Our Startup Starter Legal and Accounting Services Package is your roadmap to success. By partnering with us, you gain a competitive edge, protect your business, and make informed financial decisions. Let us be your trusted allies on your entrepreneurial journey.

For customized pricing and to get started, please contact us today. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to helping your startup thrive.

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